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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Winterizing Memories and Getting Ready for Summer

I've been circling our travel trailer of late and trying to decide when and where our first camping trip of the season is going to get underway. But before I leave this winter behind for good, I have to confess that my first winterizing experience was not the smooth, text book one that I would have envisioned. To the contrary, it was a fiasco!

On the way home from our last trip of the season, I told my husband that I was planning on starting the winterizing in a few days because we were sure we wouldn't be taking another trip and there was no need to prolong the inevitable - especially when winter can approach very quickly in our area. In reality, I probably had a good month, but the idea of getting a head start was a great one - if only I had listened to my own advice.

It wasn't more than a couple of days after we returned that we had our first 30 degree night and then it warmed up again - slightly - got cold, and flip flopped back a forth a few times. During all of this, I kept saying... I REALLY need to get out there and get this done. I still don't know if it was procrastination keeping me from proceeding or if I just really didn't want to let go of the summer camping memories. We only had a few and we all became hooked on camping so quickly that winter was taking away my new toy must sooner than I wanted it to.

So skipping ahead a few weeks, I had all my winterization fluids lined upon the back porch and before you know it, we were into a full onslaught of winter -- complete with the first snowfall. And there sat the fluids, with a light dusting of snow on them. Not good and I knew this would not bode well for getting the trailer in order.

Finally we had a break in the weather and I could go get the - now overdue - task completed. Or not! Yep, for those of you who are old pros at this, you pretty much know what's coming, don't you? Frozen pipes. Rock solid. Just what my dear Uncle (my camping Guru) had been warning me about. So now the great winterizing event of 2005 was going to take on a whole new approach.

Out to the trailer I went with space heater in hand, cranked up the trailer heater, added the space heater and kept my fingers crossed. Would I accomplish my mission or did I already do damage (yet to be determined fully) or would I blow up with whole trailer with the space heater -- I am one of these people that have these things happen.

But in the end, after quite a bit of babying the whole process, I managed to get the pipes thawed out, and got the fluids put in. Finished up a few other maintenance tasks at the watchful eye of Uncle Guru, and put my baby to sleep for the winter.

With My First Winterizing as a fading memory, by baby is out there beckoning to me and I am getting ready to answer the call even though the weather channel says its 32 degrees and sunny right now, I am choosing to focus on the "sunny" part of that and keep a positive attitude!

It won't be long now, and I've got lots to do to get the new baby ready for our first trip! And with any luck, there won't be any snow to get in the way this time!

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