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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be Cautious Before Buying One Way RV Rental

It is quite obvious that most people don't flock to northern climates for wintertime road trips. For that reason, rental agencies for RV’s have shifted to the sunny areas from where their customers want to drive. In such cases where people want to drive from one place to another, one way rv rental is the only solution for the traveler. It's also a great way to test drive a rig to see if you might want to buy it at the end of the trip, taking part in an increasingly popular trend in American travel.

Depending on the point of your departure, the rental package includes anywhere from 4-9 days and up to 3,000 free miles for as little as $24 a day, not including gas, of course, but they do include insurance. Available RV's range in size from 23 to 30 feet, class C motorhomes with the majority being no more than three years old. Each available one way rv rental can accommodate seven people.

Because of the number of rental locations throughout the U.S., one can opt for a one way rv rental, picking up an RV in Illinois and dropping it off in California, but be prepared to pay a hefty drop-off fee for one way rv rental. Seasonal specials are sometimes offered, so ask your rental agency if they have any promotions that include reduced rates, unlimited mileage, or no drop-off fees.

How to Get a Discount on One Way RV Rental

But when a company is repositioning its fleet to keep up with seasonal demand in different regions, you can often get a one way rv rental with no drop-off fee, increased or unlimited mileage, and sometimes even a reduced rate. Travel experts should keep their eyes open for one way rv rental specials from locations in the North to those in Florida and the Southwest during the fall or winter.

There are several reasons why RV travel is becoming very popular in the USA. The following are some of the reasons for this. First, airfare, train, and bus costs can be eliminated. This can be a huge savings in a long travel plan.

Secondly, instead of staying at a hotel, you'll be able to park your RV in a campground for a much lower cost, with an average campground fee of $23 per night. Plus, many RV campgrounds offer amenities like pools and tennis courts as part of the charge. Finally, rather than eating out at restaurants, you can cook your own meals in the RV's kitchen. This will save around 50% in your food costs.

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