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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Essential Camping Gear and Equipment for a Successful Outdoor Vacation:

Ah, the great outdoors. What can be better than taking the family back to Mother Nature? Where the air is clear and, best of all, the phone finally stops ringing. Yes, the decision was made and we were going camping this year. Now the only thing to check was the state of my camping gear and equipment.

Time to Go Shopping

On close inspection I realized that as we had not been camping for a few years, it was time to upgrade our camping gear and equipment. First thing first – the tent. Our current tent was a huge monster with three bedrooms, a living area and a store room. On top of that there were about five bags of poles and pins than I couldn’t possibly carry.

At the store we looked at a few of the newer tents and I started to realize that camping gear and equipment has really advanced in the last few years. We picked up a couple of two man tents that were so much lighter, didn’t need any poles and there was still plenty of room. What’s more, they practically built themselves! This was fun.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

With the tent replaced it was time to think about the other camping gear and equipment required for a good outdoor holiday. I know I always enjoy eating outside in the fresh air and some of the new gas cookers are excellent: very safe, no odors and extremely fuel efficient.

By coupling the cooker with a portable water heater, you have the same basic equipment that come with any indoor kitchen. After the food was taken care of, I focused on my sleeping arrangements as the last sleeping bag I had was an ugly green thing that never really kept the cold out.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Again, it’s amazing how much camping gear and equipment has improved over the past few years. The latest sleeping bags are lightweight and made of super modern fabrics that really keep you warm. One for each member of the family was clearly required as were optional camping mattresses and pillows.

This was going to be one holiday where I would definitely get a good night’s sleep. Yes, there’s no doubt about it, camping gear and equipment has come a long way since we last went camping. So if you are thinking about a holiday without hotels or airports, or cars or telephones, then maybe you should consider looking into modern camping gear and equipment, it makes a great holiday even better.

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