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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Record Breaking: The Winnebago Recreational Vehicle Story

Everyone knows what an RV is. From movies to magazines to the internet, RV's are known as recreational vehicles. Due to the popularity of these awesome machines, many companies have formed to produce more of these fun vehicles for everyone. One of the original RVs manufactured is the Winnebago recreational vehicle. Anyone who has looked into buying an RV knows the name, but probably not the story behind the company.

A Time for Industry

About 1958, during a time when industry was being brought to smaller towns, John K. Hansen decided to start a trailer business. To keep any business alive at its birth other products need to be manufactured besides the original idea. So Winnebago, which eventually became its name, began making furniture and other works for its trailers. After inventing a special light-weight wall to be used in its trailers, the Winnebago recreational vehicle was born.

Due to the assembly line, the Winnebago recreational vehicle could be manufactured for almost half the competitor's price. In just over 10 years, Winnebago had become the first RV manufacturer to produce 100,000 units. Its popularity had risen and was still on a roll. After 20 years, Winnebago broke another record being the first company to last that long. Soon it broke another record of being the first company to produce 200,000 motor homes. Today the Winnebago recreational vehicle is still widely popular.

Not only has Winnebago been mentioned in magazines, but it also built a special testing facility for its RVs. The dedication in this company is still shown today as they continue to build recreational vehicles, some of the highest quality RVs on the market. The Winnebago recreational vehicle can be claimed an All-American classic. Its growth started in Forest City, Iowa, and the same commitment seen then can still be seen today in the machines produced by the company.

For being such a small company that would appear to not have much a fighting chance, Winnebago made a recreational vehicle that the world seems to love. Breaking so many records its industry and lasting as long as it has, a buyer can be sure a Winnebago recreational vehicle was built with quality. So when trying to buy one of these vacation cars, this company might be the right place to start. Quality, comfort, and safety are some of the features any customer can look forward to.

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