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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monaco Motor Homes

Heard about Monaco motor home? Probably you’ve spotted a Monaco motor home, but just didn’t notice that it was the thing I am referring to. Or, probably you owned a Monaco motor home before and sold it for a cause. Whatever the thing that made you aware about Monaco, one main thing remains true: Monaco is one of the most recognized names in the motor home industry.

The Monaco motor homes are manufactured by the Monaco Coach Corporation that has trekked a long way since it was established in the year 1968. It was the line of the company’s luxurious motor homes that made its name well-celebrated in the United States and the world, and this is destined to continue throughout the ages with the coming of much luxurious, safe and comfortable Monaco motor homes.

The Monaco motor homes come in a number of series. Each series possesses characteristics that are unique from the other. Included in the list are the following:

* Camelot – The Camelot of Monaco motor homes is said to be the one that bears a higher level of luxury and value. This coach features a more state of the art electronic systems, more comfortable, and offers more ways of making your life on wheels wonderfully fun and hassle free.

* Dynasty – The Dynasty series of Monaco motor homes are widely identified as a finely tuned edition of beautiful coaches. The series is deemed perfect for hiking, fly fishing and other trekking adventures that it has an impressive power that is capable of bearing even the almost impossible load. Reviews of this edition in fact have noted that the Dynasty is ideal whether you’re buzzing along country lanes or roaring through the mountains.

* Executive – The Executive line of Monaco motor homes features front and rear caps that are all new and not only designed and styled to amaze you, but are built with the power of aerodynamics. It also presents state of the art features and is all wrapped up when it comes to elegance, no doubt that this line of Monaco motor homes is highly valued in the market.

* Diplomat – This Monaco motor home series is noted for its being a diesel coach. All of the models included in this series boast a powerful new Cummins 400 HP ISL engine that is coupled with the Roadmaster Raised Rail RR8R-Series chassis which is custom-built. It is these features actually that makes the Diplomat perfect for the best ride.

* Signature – As what many reviews have noted, the Signature series of Monaco motor home is truly remarkable. It features the luxury of a perfect home that it comes fully equipped with slide outs, digital satellite and sound system, not to mention the others.

* Cayman – If you will take a closer look at the Monaco’s Cayman series of motor homes, you will certainly find it amazing with its custom-built roadmaster chassis that is designed specifically for smoother rise and safer maneuvering. Just like the other series, Cayman is perfectly ready for a whole new adventure trek.

* Windsor – It is this series of Monaco motor homes actually that introduces a whole new level of spaciousness. It provides three extra inches of ceiling height, and its floor plan is planned and designed for the very best ride. It also features the custom built Roadmaster chassis.

All of the Monaco motor homes, such as those mentioned above, are noted not only for their wonderful features, but much for their performance. It’s no wonder then that Monaco has come a long way since the first line of motor homes was introduced in the 1960s.

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