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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Plan Your Trip with the American Camping Association

The American Camping Association is now known as is slightly different than the American Camp Association and is designed to cover the sharing of knowledge and information about camp programs in America. The American Camping Association is comprised of campers and outdoors professionals that are qualified in determining the positives and negatives of a camp experience and relaying that information to the general public using a set of criteria and solid information management.

The American Camping Association website offers plenty of useful information about the various ventures in which the ACA is involved, including sending kids to camp and the designation of camp sites for repairs and other operational procedures.

If the bureaucracy of the ACA does not interest you, there is still plenty of other solid information on the site about the various experiences you can have as a camper in America. You can find out how to prepare for severe weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes, find out about upcoming camp events and browse their message boards.

Improving the Camp Experience

The goal, in a nutshell, of the ACA through its website and other implements is to improve the camp experience for Americans. The focus is primarily on children and their camping experience in organized camping sites and programs that are specifically offered for an age group.

The ACA has been conducting this sort of service for close to one hundred years and has a good supply of ideas contributed by thousands of professionals dedicated to improving the camp experience as a whole and getting more Americans out in the wilderness with their families.

The American Camping Association considers itself to be the leading authority in child development and, with this designation, is committed to providing safe and nurturing experiences for children when they go to camp. They are also concerned with the provision of helpful adult role models, developmentally-appropriate experiences for campers, and personal growth opportunities. It is clear with this information that the ACA is not just concerned with the improvement of America’s camp sites.

Mission Statement

The American Camping Association has a mission statement of “Enriching Lives, Changing the World” and vows to accomplish this mission with the help of their staff and thousands of volunteers. The ACA is dedicated to valuing people and their differences and helps to put together several camp programs that celebrate these differences and bring people together through the outdoors.

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