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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Country Coach Motor Homes

Country Coach has been one of the most widely recognized producers of luxury motor homes. The company started as a small firm of motor home builders, but over the years of service, Country Coach has grown into what it is right now – one of the largest manufacturers of motor homes in the United States, with more than 1,700 employees who design and build a full product line of motor home coaches.

A lot of series are included in the Country Coach motor home lines. These Country Coach motor homes generally offer a wide array of floor plans including dual, triple, and their new quad slide out configurations which measure up to 45 feet in length. Included in the lines of Country Coach motor homes are the following:

* Inspire – Country Coach’s Inspire series of motor homes is designed and constructed with the company’s strong commitment to quality and style. All of the Country Coach motor home models included in this series are said to be great not only in appearance, but in performance as well. They feature a handcrafted cabinetry, well-appointed exterior graphics, and interior schemes that are highly designer-coordinated.

* Allure – This line of Country Coach motor homes now comes with the newest 400 series. The Allure 400 series is designed and crafted for one particular purpose – to provide the finest motor homes that will boast a list of remarkable features. With that purpose in mind, it’s no wonder that the Allure 400 series of Country Coach motor homes now appear crafted with great attention to detail. You will be awed by its all-new exterior and interior styling, single piece windshield, higher interior ceilings, quad slide floor plans, not to mention the other wonderful features and amenities included.

* Intrigue – According to some reviews, the Intrigue line of Country Coach motor homes generally appear with a distinct combination of beauty and warmth of a well-appointed home. This line was developed actually as a tribute to the dedication, commitment and passion invested by the builders in each model over the last 30 years of manufacturing the finest motor homes. It is also nice to know that in this series of Country Coach motor homes, you will find dozens of wonderful amenities and spacious and stylish floor plans along with the company’s philosophy.

* Magna – The Country Coach Magna line of motor homes is designed and built on the DynoMax chassis and is powered by a 525HP Caterpillar C-13 powerplant, making it a powerful series of motor homes. Numerous reviews have it that the Magna motorcoaches attain the perfect harmony between elegant luxury and performance. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that the Magna line does not only boast a powerful chassis and powerplant, but has components that are carefully assembled and installed, with rich handcrafted cabinetry and delicately selected interior schemes.

It is worth noting that the above mentioned series of Country Coach motor homes are recently designed and introduced. They are all designed for 2006. Today, the company is on the process of manufacturing other lines of finest motor coaches including their newly built Affinity, Prevost and Dynomax series.

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