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Friday, December 22, 2006

RV’s maintenance 101

Just like any other automobile, maintaining and caring for recreational vehicles is needed to ensure convenience and safety. Checking the brakes, fluids, and tires prevent unexpected problems or delays on the road that could ruin the trip.

RV owners must religiously follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer. This will put the RV in good shape and by doing this, RV owners can save money in the long run.
The following are simple tips in caring for recreational vehicles:

1. Finding the right service person.

Take the recreational vehicle to a certified RV technician at least once every two months or when it is obviously needed. They can easily be identified through their white, blue, and red technician sign. This indicates that the service center they are working for employs RV technicians who went through special training in proper caring for RVs.

2. Research.

It is not enough that the technicians went through trainings, it does not guarantee that they will take good care of the RV. Ask other RV owners about their experiences with these service centers and compare the quality of work they provide to their customers. Choose the service centers with proven record of customer satisfaction.

3. If the price is right.

Asking for a written estimate is one way of saving money while caring for the RV. Talk to the service person before letting him do the job. It is important that the RV owner and service person trust each other. This will prevent the RV owner from overpaying.

4. Fluids.

While some serious work must be entrusted with trained technician, an RV owner can do some routine check ups to keep the RV in good shape. Make it a habit to check the engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid before hitting the road. If there is a leak, see an RV technician immediately.

5. Inspect the exterior.

Check the roof and body of the RV. Check the tires for possible leaks and check their lug nuts on both outer and inner wheels. While making sure that the steering wheel will perform well throughout the trip, bringing extra tires is not a bad idea.

While regular check up and maintenance can cost hundreds of dollars, it is imperative for RV owners to have their vehicles checked by technicians. This will not only ensure an enjoyable trip, it can also save lives.

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