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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The RV's of Fleetwood

Fleetwood is currently the number one recreational vehicle-producer in the United States. So far, Fleetwood has a long term history in the operation of manufacturing RV’s thanks to an experienced team of senior management.

Back to the old and simple basics

The strategy of Fleetwood is simple. Primarily, they focus on the very business of Recreational vehicle manufacturing. They were able to streamline the structure of their management. They also were able to decentralize the operation of RV’s in order to empower the areas that are close to the customer’s welfare.

Focus on what grows

Also, Fleetwood concentrated on bettering those areas that records showed had a tremendous amount of sales and potential for profit. Via this route, the company relied on resources that promised a return of profits in a consistent manner. Basically, this is a strategy that ensures an immediate return on investment.

Fleetwood reorganization

In March of 2005, a new Chief Executive officer joined Fleetwood and was able to organize the operations into markets that focused on profit through the establishment of independent business units.

Fleetwood after the hurricane

Because thousands of houses were unfortunately lost because of the disasters that occurred in the past year, FEMA ordered an initial seven thousand five hundred trailers reconstructed both for the purpose of housing – albeit temporarily – and for work.

The orders were initially about one hundred and seventy million with the target of it being delivered before the year ends. Additional orders of three thousand one hundred trailers have already been placed.

Meanwhile, those from the private-sector also demand Fleetwood trailers, RV’s and motor homes for organizations as well as corporations.

Fleetwood is a leader in the industry

Basically Fleetwood is the leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles. They have a network of dealers that are strong as well as established.

They are also the number one manufacturer of class A motor homes. They currently occupy a market share of twenty point three percent.

Meanwhile, Fleetwood is also intent on improving its share in the market in the sale of class C recreational vehicles.

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