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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Which is better class a or class b recreational vehicles?

How whould one know which recreational vehicle is the best for their needs? Whould a class A vehicle be good for them or a class b one? There are many advantages and disadvantages of class A as well as class B recreational vehicles. They are the following:

Why class b?

A class b van used for camping is one type of recreational vehicle that is able to retain the usefulness of a family-van as well as a sports utility vehicle. All this is done while the RV is able to provide a motorized home that is contained in itself and has qualities and characteristics that are similar to a lot of the other vehicles that are bigger.

Driving is easy in class b

Believe it or not, class b vehicles are a lot more convenient as well as easy to park, drive and fit in small spots off the road. Doing all these would prove to be very difficult if done by a larger vehicle.

Another plus of driving a class b vehicle is that it gets better gas milage. Also, a class b vehicle proves to be a quick drive. It also has parts that are a lot easier to find.

Why not class b?

Unfortunately, a van used for camping also has its disadvantages. Usually, such vans are a bit more expensive per square foot, unless of course the more luxurious vehicles are converted into buses.

Small, interior class b recreational vehicle conversions are typically best for two people, especially if they are used just for the weekend. Unfortunately, there are appliances ready to be replaced that are quite difficult to purchase in a cheap price because such parts are sized using a smaller interior.

So why class a?

Similarly, there are advantages of class A vehicles. For one, class A recreational vehicles are more popular. Plus, there are more units to choose from that are fresh from the factory. There are also used recreational vehicles that are in relatively good shape. However, the new ones are probably safier.

Affordable class a recreational vehicles

Believe it or not, class a recreational vehicles could be easily purchased via financing. Plus, insurance is easy to purchase for these types of vehicles. Another added advantage of a recreational vehicle is that they usually have a good record of repairs.

All in all, the purchase of a recreational vehicle be it a class b or class a, depends on one’s own needs, wants as well as purchasing power. At the end of the day, it all depends on you.

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