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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Benefits You can Enjoy from a Blue Book of Recreational Vehicles

The blue book has become significantly the term of choice in finding out the price of a recreational vehicle. You may find listings of the different brands and models specifically on the Kelley Blue Book RV official RV guides. It is a national appraisal listing of vehicles that is available for subscription to anyone who wants to purchase a recreational vehicle.

There are two types of the Kelley Blue Book. The Kelley Blue Book Guide provides you a list of motor homes, van conversions, and truck campers with their published price value. The other one covers folding trailers, fifth wheel, park model trailers and travel trailers.

Most people are more aware of the consumer edition of the Kelley new car and used car listings. You may find these listing guides in all bookstores nationwide. The new car guide provides the buyer with information on the value and latest models of the recreational vehicle. It also covers the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the dealers’ cost as well as other extra costs that may be included like the pricing schedules and the shipping of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the Blue Book used car guide provides all the information on the prices of the recreational vehicles for the last 10 to 15 years. The guide gives you listings of the private sale values where you can find out the price of the vehicle depending if you sold it to another person. You will also find out the retail price from its previous car dealership. You will also have an idea of how much you would pay if the dealer offers you a trade-in vehicle.

The used car listing also comes with charts and figures for you to have an estimated price according to the condition and shape of the vehicle. You may also consider the mileage and other factors that could affect the whole price package of the recreational vehicle. It also gives you some important details regarding the different factors that may increase the value of the vehicle.

Kelley only covers used cars that are sold and purchased in the United States. If there are recreational vehicles sold outside the country, they may have different price values. However, the Kelley Blue Book can serve as a guide when a pre owned recreational vehicle is sold to a different country such as Canada and Mexico but it cannot be used as information in regional market price guides.

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