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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting Ready for Camping Cooking

A camp outing can be fun, especially if you are planning to cook for yourself for the first time. It’s a way of exploring your own skills that you may have unconsciously learnt from your mom in the kitchen when you were at home. Nonetheless, you never had had the opportunity to try it out on you own. Camping cooking is one of the most entertaining things to do in camping activities, besides jungle trekking, hiking and so on; but not if you’re not prepared for it.

Being prepared would mean that you have all the things that you essentially need to cook and protect the food. This would require you to be equipped with the equipment and supplies, and perhaps recipes for good camping cooking.


This includes the stove, gas cylinders, ovens, fireplace, grilling pits and so on. One of the most famous ones is the Dutch oven, which is basically a covered pot made of heavy metal used for cooking. This oven is mostly made of cast iron or aluminum and varies from extremely heavy ones to relatively light weight ones. Some come with strong metal legs to support the oven over the heat source as well. These ovens, which use charcoal or coals to work, have lids that tightly fit into the bottom and have also a rim around the edge to hold the coals.

You can also try out other alternatives such as pit and brick ovens or mobile stoves, which come with a small gas cylinder that can last for more than 50 hours of camping cooking usage.


Having a place to cook properly is not enough. You need good food to get you moving in your other camping activities as well. Having this in mind, you must make sure your camping cooking food supply, either raw or canned must be sufficient. Raw foods would include meat, vegetables, and fruits and so on. And to preserve these, you need to have a small cooler equipped with dry ice handy. Nutritious canned food is a good and simpler alternative. Try meat available in cans which you can just grill or fry and eat straightaway.

Cookbooks and Recipes

If you are good at cooking, but not sure what to cook during the camping season, you can collect recipes exclusive to camping cooking. Some cookbooks have a long list of food choices available; from a vegetarian barbeque and fried fish with baked potatoes to the more exquisite Turkish cuisine and Bali fried foods.

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