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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mini Motor Homes

Mini motor homes, also known as Class C motor homes, are one of the most well-known types of motorized recreational vehicles. They are the ones commonly noted for not being so big like the Class A, but not so small like the Class B, making them ideal for an average group or family.

The mini motor homes have been popular since its introduction in the early 70s. Because of its comfortable, not so big but not so small size, mini motor homes have remained as the favorite for family vacations and holiday getaways on wheels. They are also deemed safer than the other motor home types perhaps for its cockpit construction, which features a frontal crush area and all steel cage that offer protection for the passenger and the driver in a rollover situation.

What distinguishes the mini motor homes from the other types is its general appearance. It is often comes with a sleeping bunk on top of the cab which ca be used as additional bedroom or as storage room when not used as a bedroom. Also, it is built on a cutaway van chassis, meaning that the entire front of the motor home is constructed general the same. As a result, the mini motor homes appear like a pickup truck or a van.

There is one particular feature that makes the mini motor homes an ideal choice for a holiday getaway on wheels – the cockpit design. It is this design actually that sets Class A and Class C apart each other. As you may know, the Class A type of motor home considers the cockpit design as one of its major weaknesses, the reason that most holiday trekkers these days consider the mini motor homes than the Class A for its relative crashworthiness.

Another thing that makes the mini motor homes safe and comfortable for a life on the road is the brilliant placement of the television in the room. In this type of motor home, you will usually find the television mounted in an entertainment center in the cab, just over behind the cockpit area. You could also find it placed off to one side in the mini motor home’s living room. This television placement is what also sets the mini motor homes different from the Class A where the TV is often mounted over the driver’s and the passenger’s heads in the cockpit.

The mini motor homes, however, share a common feature with the Class A type in terms of slide outs. Yes, the Class C provides such wonderful feature. The slide outs actually provide additional space for the passengers. The slide out can move a portion of the motor home’s exterior wall outwards as much as 3 ½ feet, and this is what allows more space for the sleeping, dining or living area, as well as for the kitchen. And, note that this slide out can be moved at a touch of a button. That high-tech!

The mini motor homes or Class C motor homes now provide many of the same comforts and conveniences as the other motor home types provide. So for those who may be looking for a unit that can accommodate family for hiking, camping, or fly fishing, then the Class C or mini motor homes could no doubt be the ultimate answer.

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