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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tips on Buying a Recreational Vehicle

Before buying a recreational vehicle, you should consider the type of motor home that will meet your lifestyle needs. You should also consider the importance of different factors such as value, usage, space requirement, and the size of the recreational vehicle. Here are some suggested buying tips for you.

1. Always have in mind that recreational vehicles are usually priced according to their size especially to their length. The height and the width measurements may not affect the value significantly.

2. You must decide on what type of recreational vehicle you want to purchase. Know the features and classes of the caravans that will fit your needs. The class A motor home vehicles are the largest and the most expensive while the class B motorized designs are modified with extension van conversions. They are smaller compared to the class A caravans but they provide fuel efficiency and great performance on off roads. Most owners find the class C as the most affordable and most convenient among the other classes of recreational vehicles.

3. You should negotiate the dealer’s price according to its true value. You may ask for an affordable value to get more room at a bargain price. In fact, there are many recreational vehicle stores where you can find the brands and models that you may want at reasonable prices.

4. You can also visit the regional and national recreational vehicle shows held every year on different shops and RV showrooms. You may also find advertised vehicles in local newspapers or on television.

5. You should be aware that recreational vehicles are big to handle. Make sure that you can drive comfortably with these types of vehicles. You will also need a special license issued by the State Transportation Department.

6. You should test-drive a recreational vehicle before making any disclosure to the dealer. You may rent from US El Monte RV or in Cruise America to feel what its like to drive such large vehicles.

7. Purchase only the vehicle that is within your finances. You can make the transaction through your bank loan or through lending institutions. The prices of recreational vehicles may range from $40,000 to $100,000 depending on the brand and model.

Purchasing a recreational vehicle can be as complicated as buying a house. It is important to consider all the possible alternatives on how you can find the right recreational vehicle for you.

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