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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

RV Camping Success

Camping out and getting close to nature can be a means ofreconnecting and restoring sanity to our otherwise hecticlifestyles. Everyone needs a break at some point and what betterway to clear out our heads than to get away from it all. At onetime, camping meant hiking deep into the woods and pitching atent. However, our idea of camping has been slightly modifiedsince the introduction and more frequent use of recreationalvehicles, also known as RVs.

RV camping affords us many of the comforts and amenities of ourhome lives while allowing us the freedom to roam as far as theroads and our wallets will take us.

The following are some suggestions to help you get the most bangfor your RV camping buck.
Before you head out on your camping trip, be sure not to overloadyour RV. The extra weight can accelerate wear and tear on yourvehicle. Another problem arises if you are involved in anaccident. In this situation you can count on your RV beingweighed in. If your RV is found to be overweight, you mayautomatically void any insurance claims, leaving yourself fullyliable for any damages. Avoid this situation at all costs.

Record your RV's exact exterior height, including the airconditioner. Be sure to keep this information in your cabin soyou never experience the embarrassment incurred while travelingunder an overpass of miscalculated height.

Before you set out standard safety checks should be performed todetermine that everything is in working order. This may preventyou from being stranded should problems arise later on.
Be sure to check your LP gas, smoke and carbon monoxide detectorsas well. These devices can save your life.

Another important point to remember is to create an emergency kitand place it in a storage compartment on the outside of your RV. This kit should contain first aid supplies, a notepad and pencil,a flashlight and a disposable camera for taking pictures in caseof an accident. Also remember to put together a list of names(doctors, lawyers, insurance, personal contact, etc) as well asany kind of medication you might be on. Hopefully you will notneed to use this kit.
In order to make your RV camping trip a happy one, you shouldcall ahead and make reservations at your favorite camping spot oryour next stop. Describe the exact location or proximity inwhich you wish to park your RV. If you would rather be close tothe bathroom or pool, or if you want fewer trees due to the sizeof your RV. Whatever you want, be sure to ask when you make yourreservation.

You can also check for reservations at the National RecreationService, which gives you access to 1,700 different locationsmanaged by the USDA Forest Service and US Army Corps of Engineersand many state parks. Finding your ideal spot should not be aproblem as long as you plan in advance.

RV camping can be one of the most enjoyable recreationalactivities that you will ever experience. The important thing torecognize is possible problems and pitfalls before they everarise. Loaded with this knowledge, you can make your next RVcamping trip a success.

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