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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Recreational Vehicle: Not Just for Recreation

The term recreational vehicle is often shortened to RV, and as such has become a daily term for everyone who deals with it. But what do we really know of this recreational vehicle? Is it purely a vehicle for recreation purpose as the name suggests, or can it be used for some other things as well?

In fact, the question itself provides an answer. Recreational vehicle commonly refers to an enclosed piece of equipment dually used as both a vehicle and a home. And the home here can be either a temporary travel home or even a full time home. This common definition is however limited to the North America only. In countries like Australia, when you say recreational vehicle, it refers to a sport utility vehicle or SUV.

The Varieties

The most common definition is known generally is the American term, and when it comes to explaining this vehicle and its usages in the western world. In America especially, this vehicle is very highly regarded, for this vehicle is very much useful; ranging from leisure activities such as camping to full time living in the rural areas.

Basically there are many types or classes of recreational vehicles, based on their functions and usages. Some of them are fifth wheel trailer, truck camper vehicle, foldable camping vehicle, travel trailer, hybrid trailer, park model, motor home, toterhome, and many more.

Buying One and Getting Insured

It is very important to insure your recreational vehicle as soon as you buy it. There are several companies offering this type of insurance, which falls under auto insurances. Auto insurance for RVs is generally different from insurance for passenger vehicles.

Sometimes people mistakenly put together the coverage for this vehicle under their normal existing auto policy when they buy this vehicle, and they do not know that this is not encouraged because not all insurances offer the same amount of protection to a recreational vehicle. A good and complete form of insurance is the one which covers the furniture, cookware, TV and electrical, phone, computer, and many more inside, besides the physical harm that may befall you due to accidents and so on.


After buying a recreational vehicle and getting it insured, you need to equip the vehicle with all the necessities. All the basic needs should be present, such as emergency tool boxes containing things like adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, jumper cables, flashlight and much more.

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