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Monday, August 11, 2008

How cheap are cheap rv’s?

It was in the summer of 2005 when two hurricanes swept through the gulf of the United States putting hundreds and thousands of people along the coast out of their homes. Thus, the issue of putting up immediate, cheap and affordable housing became one of the primary subjects that was brought up in the minds and hearts of the nation.

Though the images of cheap recreational vehicles turned into temporary mobile homes in the sprawling community parks mainly consisting of trailers was the quick answer to the problem of homelessness brought about by natural calamities, these same images also brought about a negative perception about the recreational vehicles of today.

Believe it or not, such perception and opinion of recreational vehicles also reinforced the idea that such temporary housing options are out dated. Currently, the option of most Americans is to live in homes that are manufactured. Such homes are quite different from homes that are built on site. Currently, such homes are able to provide millions of good Americans a permanent resident.

The options provided by such homes prompted local policies, as well as State practices, recognize that manufactured homes – not recreational vehicles turned mobile homes - as a creative and affordable way to solve the country’s crisis in housing.
In the United States market, the manufactured housing industry is currently an overlooked aspect, though such a problem involves approximately ten million American families.

Housing that is manufactured represents one of the means for American households that are currently low income. If done appropriately, manufactured homes could actually resemble homes that are built on site in terms of look as well as feel, plus the price is lower.
Originally though, cheap recreational vehicles or more popularly known as trailers used for the purpose of travel are the number one option for mobile homes immediately after the second world war.

Though such cheap recreational vehicles turned into mobile homes currently exist, the manufacturing plants that built such vehicles changed and created a product that is different using a factory process that homes that are built affixed on the foundation site and not moved.

However, the idea of cheap recreational vehicles turned mobile homes is still considered as a relative of the automobile, and so they are taxed and insured the same way that cars are, and not as permanent homes that just happened to have wheels.

All in all, cheap recreational vehicles are affordable to everyone but not without the usual risks involved. But it does serve a purpose and if you are willing to take the chance, go ahead. It is your choice.

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