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Friday, August 29, 2008

Pick- Up Camper: A Great Alternative

Here is a budget- savvy alternative in pulling up an expensive camper trailer or wrestling with the ground in pitching up a tent. All you need to do is park that pick- up camper, prepare those outdoor sleeping accessories and snooze until the early morning. This innovative camp- along keeps you safe and dry no matter what the weather. It is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, auto racing, dirt biking and much more exciting getaway activities. This light commercial vehicle features a separate cabin and rear load area. Many have short rigid sides and an opening rear gate, while others have a flat tray back which is known as “ute” in Australia and New Zealand.

To know more better about a pick- up camper, it is a light motor vehicle with an open- top rear cargo area. In North America, it generally refers to a small or medium sized truck vehicle rather than a those based on passenger cars.

To protect your pick- up camper, there needs to have a cover. It ranges from the expensive fiberglass lids to the top quality frame mounted vinyl covers. For that cover to last longer, there is the Tonneau Magic which is the only vinyl treatment promoted by Sports Masters for their products.

Here are some samples of roll covers for a pick- up camper from Tonneau Masters, a division of Sport Masters Inc. Tonneau is a French word meaning “loosely”.

* The original hinged slant- side Tonnaeau cover is a remarkable heavy-duty vinyl. It lets you unlatch and lift the cover for full access to the bed without unsnapping. Plus, there's no drilling. The black enameled frame clamps securely to the truck bed of the pick- up camper. Its smooth aerodynamic profile improves gas mileage and saves money. The tubular supports add strength and durability to shed rain and snow. Reinforced corners on the vinyl keep your cover in great shape for years. And removal is easy with a special quick-release pin.
* The slant- side Tonneau cover is the most economical way to protect your cargo. This heavy-duty vinyl truck bed cover keeps your valuables inside your pick- up camper locked in your sight. The black enameled frame clamps securely to the bed so there's no need to drill any holes. The superior quality and workmanship shows in the reinforced corners on the vinyl that keeps the cover in great shape for years. Tough tubular supports add strength and durability to shed rain and snow.
* The low- profile roll- up has a snapless, low profile Tonneau cover. It rolls up in one convenient piece, allowing for hassle free hauling. It mounts to the inside of the pick- up camper bed providing accessibility to the stake hole pockets. This feature allows for the installation of many popular truck accessories such as side rails and ladder racks. Like all of Sport Masters tonneau covers, the TM-80's quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed by a lifetime-limited warranty.

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