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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitting Pretty Outdoors with Camping Chairs

When enjoying the outdoors, be kind to your behind and get a good camping chair. It is unwise to buy the cheapest camping chair you can find. Poor camping furniture can cause pain and frustration and ruin your entire outdoor vacation.

Before getting any camping chair, make sure to look at recommendations from websites, magazines, or your local camping goods store. All these choices can give you informed and well researched advice.

Camping chairs are very important when having meals or exchanging camping stories while sitting beside the campfire. A good portable chair is better than an uneven log, rock, or the hard park benches available in some campsites.

Advanced designs have made camping chairs much more comfortable than the old lawn-chair type models.

Note that Aluminum tubing in the frames will make chairs lighter than ones with steel tubing.

Built-in Cup holders are very convenient. Before, people would set their bottle or can on the ground and drop dirt on their clothes when they pick it up for a drink. Because you can’t get satisfaction with just one drink, there are chairs with two cup holders.

Fabric or cloth arm rests are much more comfortable than wood, metal or hard plastic because they are softer and more flexible against your elbows and arms. Higher models have adjustable arm-rests that one could customize to fit their arms and posture when they are sitting.

A good choice of camping chairs are those with various pockets to stow a magazine, book and odd pieces of camping or outdoor gear.

Foldable camping chairs should have an easy carry bag with straps where you could pack your folded chair for easy carrying and transport. Long padded shoulder straps will free up your hands carry other gear.

The best material for camping chairs is canvas-type polyester, smooth nylon, or extra strong and rugged ballistic nylon. For tropical climates, others could choose camping chairs with net or mesh materials that are easily ventilated and drain or dry very quickly. This is very useful for very hot or rainy days. These materials have less durability, though.

Some good camping chairs have all the above features in very creative packages. Some have armrests that can fold into rucksack, which makes them faster and easier to carry. Some models have built-in coolers that can keep a few cans of your favorite drink cold. This way, a camper doesn’t have to bring a large cooler everywhere he sits. Some models have foam pillows.

If you have the budget, get the chair with all the features important to you, but are still easy to pack and carry. Camping chairs will make “roughing it” feel more like lounging at home.

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