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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Useful Tips For Beach Camping

For those who want to go camping and experience being outdoors, but do not want to run the risk of running into some lions, and tigers, and bears; a great alternative camping location for them to go to would be the beach.

This is perfect for those beach lovers and water babies who just love being near the ocean. A great way to spend the night would be to look at some stars while listening to the sound of the waves lapping in on the ocean. But before individuals can experience this wonderful camping experience that sounds like it came out of a scene from a movie, they would need to prepare for a few things.

Camping-Friendly Locations

Before camping on a beach, individuals would have to make sure that the beach they have set their eyes on does not have any prohibition concerning camping. It is best to contact the local officials that preside over the beach area to find out the regulations.

Another great idea is to camp on the campsite of the beach. There are a lot of commercialized beaches that have special areas set aside for camping. The best thing to do would be to make reservations ahead of time, because sometimes the campsites get too crowded.

Camping over night

For those who want to spend the night on the beach, they should make some preparations ahead of time. Falling asleep on the beach sands only to wake up the next morning with a harsh sunburn is not the best plan. Instead, get a beach tent. Those pop up beach tents start as low as $19. This offers some shelter and protection for those who want to sleep on the beach.

Bonfires are out

A lot of beaches now do not allow bonfires. Some may, but only with a permit! This makes cooking out a little tricky. For those who still want to cook on the beach, they might want to bring a portable cooking stove. Those who do not want to go through this trouble, dry foods and prepackaged foods that don't need cooking is the way to go.

Camping on the beach for a lot of people is not so about the outdoors experience, or hunting for preys. For the most part, is it about enjoying the ambiance and majestic view of the ocean. This is a more tamed and romantic approach to camping.

Those who want to have the best beach camping experience should make the proper preparations ahead of time. This way, they would have the most memorable and enjoyable experience during their camping trip on the beach.

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