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Friday, August 15, 2008

What to Look for In a Used Motor Home?

More than a million used motor homes are available in the United States and the world these days. These used motor homes come in different types and models, and each possesses features that are unique from the others. Because of this fact, finding the right motor home to buy or rent is no doubt mind-boggling. It is more puzzling with a number of models out there all claiming to be the best among the wide selections.

With all those different choices and claims, careful shopping is no doubt a major requirement to determine the best and the right used motor home to consider. One should then do some careful research and exercise a bit of common sense when finding the vehicle that will best suit their needs.

So to begin, it is best to look for symptoms of trouble in a used motor home. To make this possible, try to test drive the vehicle. Through this tactic, you will be able to determine what strengths and weaknesses the vehicle possesses. Also, check the motor home in the daylight. Obviously, this is the right time to check everything about it not only for the fact that the sun is up there to provide you enough light you’ll need, but also for the reason that you can take your dealer with you to guide and help you in the checking.

Note that kicking the tires of a used motor home is not enough for a careful check up. Try to inspect carefully the excessive wear of the upholstery within the vehicle, including the accelerator pedals, brake and even the seats. After examining the interior, look closely at the exterior parts of the vehicle. According to some experts, waves on the body of a vehicle suggest that body work has been done. This could mean that the used motor home you would be considering have been in an accident.

For further tests, consider the following:

* Brakes that squeal under normal operation could be a sign of improper adjustment or excessive wear.
* A markedly bouncy ride can mean troubles on the steering linkage or troubles on the shock absorbers. This is also true with lack of control during cornering at normal speeds.
* Steering that tends to pull the used motor home to one corner or side can be a sign of further alignment problems.
* The appearance of blue smoke from the tail pipe is a symptom of pricey engine repairs. Yes, engine repairs are necessary when this problem occurs.

Aside from knowing the signs of trouble, it is also best for every buyer of used motor home to inspect the vehicle’s odometer. The odometer is actually the device that measures the distance traveled by the vehicle. Well, this is a worth taking move as according to experts, a vehicle that shows low kilometers for its age could mean damage on it. Also, be cautious if the odometer has been tampered for by law, that’s a criminal offense.

To better obtain the best choice, buyers of used motor homes should ask their dealers about the vehicle’s information package. Read the package carefully and make sure that no conflicts of whatsoever is presented. Also see if there are any outstanding liens registered against the used motor home you are considering.

Make your buying decision based on what you will find out regarding the vehicle.

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