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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What’s for Dinner - Selecting Camping Food

When the adventurous decision to go camping is made, it is important to make sure that the right camping food is part of the packing plan. Food - specifically camping food - is a vital ingredient to fully enjoy your camping adventure.

However, when camping, we often leave the modern convenience of refrigeration and other food preparation items behind. Therefore, selecting the right food for the camping adventure is important.

Simple Rules

Some simple rules for camping food are to take only what you need plus a little extra. Also, it is wise to repackage everything. Remove the food from the original package and store the foodstuff items in plastic storage bags. If instructions are needed for preparation cut them out and include them with the food.


A camping food for breakfast that is easy to prepare and a good source of nutrition and energy is oatmeal topped with brown sugar. If you are considering other dry cereal it is best to consider a granola type cereal as it is less prone to leave crumbs and is more compact for packing purposes. A good rule of thumb is to provide a portion of ¼ pound per person each day. Powdered milk mixed with water is perfect to pour over the cereal.


Protein is important in a camping food lunch and can be found in many products. A good source of protein that will not spoil is dry salami and mozzarella cheese. A good source of carbohydrates is dried fruit such as apricots and raisins or a trail mix which contains a mix of fruits and nuts. Healthy sandwiches can be made with peanut butter and jam on whole grain bread. Water, powdered Gatorade and other such drinks are important to keep the body hydrated.


At the end of a day in the great outdoors, a nutritious camping food dinner could include an instant rice meal that cooks quickly and easily. Or you could experiment with pasta like spaghetti, macaroni, Ramen noodles or a dry soup. Sauce or spices of your choice can be added for flavoring. If you are a meat lover open a can of tuna or chicken and add that over the grains.


Snacks should always be an important part of your camping food cache. Treats such as granola bars, nutrition bars, chocolate or hard candy helps to bring a touch of home and satisfies the sweet tooth as well.

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