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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 Things to Consider when Selecting Camping Grounds

Selecting the right camping grounds can be the difference between a nightmarish long weekend away from home or Shangri-La. In selecting the right camping grounds for that weekend getaway or longer it is important to take in a number of factors into account.

Basic Questions

Some of the basic questions to ask concentrate around the purpose of your camping trip. Is a going to be just a fun and relaxing get-together away from the routine or, are you planning on going hiking? Do you plan on spending the weekend in the woods or at the ocean or lake? Asking these primary questions helps to focus in on the particular camping grounds that you are interested in.

Check it out personally

This can be easily done when you are on you way home from a weekend trip and pass by other camping grounds. Take a few moments to pull in and check out the grounds personally. Ask questions and take notes if necessary of the condition of the grounds, the number of campers and atmosphere of the camping grounds. If you have children with you gauge their response because their comfort is often a good indicator.

Also, take a few moments to walk the grounds. Signs of well-managed camping grounds are the condition of the restrooms and showers. Ask for a map and pricing guidelines and compare these guidelines with similar grounds in the area. Finally, take note of the courtesies extended and the helpfulness of the staff serving you.

Camping Population

Ask what sorts of campers generally use the camping grounds facility. Sometimes the grounds are populated with large families and sometimes they appeal more to older seasonal campers. It is your choice as to what grounds you select, but make sure the grounds match your needs.

One caution of concern would be the noise level. Are the camping grounds in close proximity to constant noisy traffic or near a railroad line? If noise level is a concern for you these may be the camping grounds you wish to avoid.

Other Resources

If you belong to a motor club be sure and take full advantage of the ratings of camping grounds that they provide or research on internet as some websites provide full descriptions as well as photos. You may sometimes be able to read reviews of other campers who have stayed at those camping grounds. Generally they are honest and straightforward and provide valuable information to help make your decision.

If planning a long trip write or call ahead for camping grounds information. Often you will receive many brochures in response to your request. These brochures are a good resource in selecting your holiday haven.

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