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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Camping Ground Is Usually Found In A State Park

A camping ground is often located on state land and provides some of the most beautiful scenery you can set your eyes on. A camping ground often consists of little areas splattered about on segmented pieces of property. You pay small fees to be able to stay the weekend at one of these camping grounds and it’s almost always considered a rustic type of camping.

Many different areas that promote themselves as a camping ground, often don’t do much to enhance the area. They simply leave the land as is and let you take care of yourself. There aren’t people who live on the land in order to maintain it, and therefore, you should make sure you carry a cell phone with you, if at all possible, in case of an emergency.

Different Camping Ground Areas Offer Different Rates and Services

Some camping grounds are free and so rustic it’s like you are stepping backwards in time to a day when everything was natural and unpolluted. These areas offer no services and you are camping at your own risk.

Other camp grounds provide moderate upkeep, such as making sure there is a picnic table, grill and a flat surface to pitch your tent. These places are very inexpensive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and only charge about $3.00 for a weekend. Yes, there are plenty of lakes, but most of these lakes aren’t used for swimming, but are used more for fishing.

Then there is the camping ground that offers you electricity and running water, as well as a main office in case of an emergency. These areas have life guards and you are sure to meet many different kinds of people and personalities. These places have rules that need to be followed, and also cost about $12.00 a day to be able to camp there. The best benefit is that all of the area is fully maintained, and the beach area not only serves for fishing, but it also serves as a great area for swimming as well.

Last, but not least, another type of camping ground is the camping ground resort. Resorts work for many different reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with spa treatments and church groups. Other reasons have to do with hunting and outdoor sports. Either way, these places are awesome because they come fully equipped with a kitchen for cooking, all utensils, a bed and total comfort. These places can range in price and go as high as $1000 for a week get-a-way.

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