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Monday, September 22, 2008

Low cost recreational vehicles that fit a camper's lifestyle

While luxury created vehicles are designed for temporary comfort for leisure trips, low cost recreational vehicle are being used mostly by retirees as their main domicile. Recreational vehicle manufacturers offers Class A, B, and C trailers that are affordable for campers who are on a tight budget and people who cannot afford mortgage or monthly rental fee.

Pre-owned RVs are also being sold for lower prices. Compared to luxury RVs that are being sold for up to $2 million, anybody can get a second hand recreational vehicle for as low as $10,000. They can be as durable but with fewer features. Needless to say, the potential buyer cannot expect bathtubs, 2-door refrigerators or king sized beds.

Among the cheapest RV's are made from small truck's chassis. The advantage of buying this kind of RV is not only getting them for a lower price, but also lower gas bills. The gas consumption ranges from 20-15 miles per gallon.

For buyers who already have trucks and vans, they can opt to buy the fifth wheelers or travel and tent trailers. Since these trailers do not have engines, they can be sold for a very low price.

Here are some tips on how to get low cost, quality recreational vehicles:

1. For first time RV buyers on a budget.
It is recommended to start with a pre-owned unit. These are being sold for less than $10,000. However, before buying the unit, get advise from friends or relatives who have basic knowledge about RVs. Let them examine the RV's durability and performance.

2. Seasoned campers.
For people who are camping twice every year, it is recommended to rent an RV instead of purchasing one. RV rental can cost less than $800. Comparing in getting an RV and its maintenance, it is wise to rent saving a huge amount of money.

3. Research.
Compare the models that fit the budget. Joining an online discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of one model can greatly affect in deciding the best RV that will work for the buyer's lifestyle. Read articles about pre-owned or low cost RVs and compare the features. With enough research, a buyer can get more for the same price.

4. Class A units.
Look for class A units, they are top of the line but cheaper. They are usually made from small truck's chassis and are being sold for less than $50,000.

Recreational vehicles are great for outdoor activities. Getting one does not mean having millions of dollars. Learn to save money by getting the model that is designed for a specific lifestyle.

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