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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recreational Vehicle Park; a Special Campground

Generally, the rules and regulations of a recreational vehicle park define this particular place as a plot of land upon which two or more recreational vehicle sites are located, established or maintained for occupancy by recreational vehicles of the general public.

Normally a recreational vehicle park is located at a place just like any other park; isolated and far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. This is mainly because people seek to go to these places to relax and rest, and they definitely need a peaceful area.


As we know, occupancy here refers to both leisure as well as full time living purposes. Generally each size of a vehicle unit is governed in a recreational vehicle park to be lesser than 350 square feet in floor area. The main reason for doing so is because the park is of general public use, and anybody has the opportunity to use it. Hogging the place would go against this policy; the sizes of the mobile units are limited; so that everyone can have an equal share of their own.

Usually the lots at the recreational vehicles park would be for rental, sale or lease. And these lots are only for a short term placement of the vehicles, and not permanently like some people in some rural areas. This would simply mean that a vehicle would generally not be allowed to stay for more than a week, and allow space for new-comers.

Planning and Proper Maintenance

It has to be noted that these parks are not just mere ‘hang-out’ places, but they are places where people go to relax their mind, away from stress, and spend some time with their family. For this reason, these parks need to be kept clean and maintained at all times. The maintenance of the park should always be a priority, because generally there is no specific season when it comes to recreational vehicle park camping. People can come anytime and go anytime throughout the whole year.

A common recreational vehicle park would have proper systems like soil erosion and sedimentation control system, storm water management system, and so on. So if you plan to go for a recreational vehicle park vacation, make sure that this particular park has all these systems and that they are being maintained well. The last thing you want to happen to your vacation trip is a huge storm and the rain water flushing your whole temporary house away.

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