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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tips for an Exciting Camping Trip

Kids, usually aged 5 and up, enjoy fun in the sun activities. These are the ages where parents would want to take advantage of being with their children.

There are about a million things to do outdoors. Hiking is the most popular and needs not too much equipment. This gives the children the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna. A bottle of water to quench the thirst and a handy field guide book at hand and it’s all set. Following a bike trail is also a fun exercise. Kids love it because it builds their coordination.

What does make an outdoor camping trip exciting? Here are tips to building outdoor fun.
1. Show enthusiasm. A child will be fascinated if adults would show excitement over the adventure that they would be encountering.
2. Make the trip action-packed. Little kids would like more action when out in camp sites. It is more advantageous if the park has a large number of animals.
3. Kids are kids. They are naturally active. If their attention is diverted by a bug or a bird, it is wise to let them explore. That is where they have more fun.
4. Show things, not tell. Children like to look at how adults do things and not listen to how things are done. It is the joy of learning the skills done by the adults.
5. Kids have short attention span. Bringing a goody bag should take care of a lull moment. Candies packed should always be kept a secret to keep them in a surprise.
6. Make sure of a cozy night’s rest. Sleeping outdoors is specially tough because of the rough ground, and animals scare the children out of their wits. It’s good to make sure that the sleeping bags are dry and cozy for the child and make them feel safe. A good night’s rest equals positive outlook for tomorrow.
7. Teach kids the “take only pictures, leave only footprints” rule. It is a good idea to let the kids pick up their own litters. A feeling of pride is developed when they are doing something right.
8. Kids like to be treated as equals. It is important to talk to them at eye level so as not to intimidate them.
9. Take snapshots! Fun times can easily be forgotten by some kids but great moments can be captured by a camera.
10. Communicate. It is specially important to include the kid in the communication and make them feel proud of themselves.

Camping is one exciting trip that a family can do every summer. It is a natural stress reliever and an ultimate fun time for kids.

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