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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camping Food 101

Nature tripping with family or friends never fails to give delight. A week of fun and excitement in the woods gives the opportunity of the curious mind to explore and develop a sense of love and respect for living creatures.

Of course, camping won’t be as much fun when there is not enough ration of food for the whole pack. A night out at the campfire or a day full of activity will surely trigger the appetite.

This article contains tips on which type of food to bring and the best things. The amount of food packed should not be too much nor too few. Since camping would mean bringing of a lot of equipments over, it is best to pack other things lightly.

1. It is wise to pack pre-chopped vegetables the night before the trip and pack it in zip lock bags. Veggies such as carrots and onions stay fresh and are best to add to side dishes and mixes.
2. Purchase pre-packed salad for a fresh supply of lettuce. Bring along cheese that are pre-grated or buy one at the supermarket for convenience.
3. Dishes such as meat mixes and sauces are best pre-cooked.
4. Meals should be made as simple as possible. Hotdogs, marshmallows and burgers are good.
5. When cooking the corn over fire, it should be wrapped heavily with aluminum foil when cooked over fire.
6. Oil for grilling is best placed in a spray bottle for ease of use. Keep it inside a bag to prevent from spillage.
7. Soft-fleshed fruits such as bananas and apples are easily bruised in packing. It is best to bring firm ones such as oranges.
8. When bringing along chips, it is best to buy those that are contained in canisters to prevent crushing of the bag.
9. The flat tortillas are easier to pack than bread and tastes good, too.
10. Powdered juice is easier and lighter to pack than carbonated drinks. Freezing the juice in reusable containers is more economical because it can act as a cooling pack. The cooler should be stocked with drinks that are going to be consumed on the day itself. It is best to fill it before going to bed for next day’s use.

It is common for the animals in the park to go for the camper’s food. It is wise not to feed them and not to keep food inside the tents for the camper’s own safety!

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