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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Have a Stress-Free Camping

With all the hustle and bustle of school and work, a camping trip is a fantastic way for families to bond. The fond memories of spending time at the campfire, exchanging stories, sharing laughter and joyfully singing.

The concern of having to budget the trip comes up while planning the trip. The number of people to go, choice between a camper or a tent, the size and type of tent to be used, to buy or not to buy and the list goes on!

Choosing the right camping gear is called for to avoid ruining the whole trip.

An average sized adult will be comfortable with a 30 square feet area. This would mean that the ideal size for two persons is a ten by ten foot tent. Setting up a tent larger than that would pose a problem to the campers because it is heavier load and finding a level spot would be quite a task. Non-rusting zippers, nylon-tape-reinforced seams are a must to find in a tent. Usually, a three-season tent suffices for campers use since not all campers deal with snow.

After picking out the tent, next comes the sleeping bag. Of course, comfort and space is taken into consideration when deciding on which to buy. There are the rectangular and the mummy shaped. Rectangular shaped ones are spacious and is most comfortable. For those that camp at a lower temperature area, the mummy shaped sleeping bag is used for more insulation. It is important for zippers not to pinch or catch on the fabric. Buying an adult sized sleeping bag for children is recommended for those that camp out regularly.

A night out won’t be too good without a hearty meal. The best stove to have is a standard-sized, two-burner stove. Manufacturers offer stoves that can accommodate pot sizes. Though there are stoves that are fueled by kerosene, unleaded gasoline, or butane, it is wise to choose from either “white gas” or propane. The white gas or commonly known as the Coleman fuel gives off intense heat, making cooking time shorter and food is free of gas odor. Spilling is of no problem with this type of fuel since it evaporates quickly and is completely odorless. Propane-fueled stove is widely used mainly because of its user-friendly feature and availability. Stove extras such as the stand, wind screen and stove starters are important. Wind screen will be greatly appreciated during windy and stormy days. Stove starters prevents burning the hands and stops the hassle of using matches.

Camping frustration because of substandard hiking gear is what everybody wants to avoid that is why spending a bit more to obtain quality goods is suggested.

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