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Friday, October 17, 2008

Used Campers Means Wise Buys

Despite the fact that it is no longer brand new, any second- hand material still has its own advantage. There are actually a lot of great deals on used campers but it is important to educate yourself on what to look for before an immediate purchase. Knowing the difference between normal wear & tear and signs of abuse can be very beneficial. This is also to achieve your money’s worth and quickly catch a problem or two.

Be confident in buying used campers
After few repairs and some elbow grease, many used campers can instantly glimmer like the latest edition of the 1990’s model. Kidding aside, it will not even be obvious that it was just passed on to you for how many bucks. If you are ready then you can find lots of real exchange in mushrooming garage sales, bazaar shops and flee markets.

An example of this would be, a person named Bobby bought a 1978 Palomino for $100. A new lift arm, a new set of 10 inches tires and a lot of soap and water made his little trailer a winner that he and his family used for three years.

There are also homemade awnings and cabinets that looked as good if not better than the factory installed ones with a replacement of a worn- out canvas. Most of the manufactures and their dealers stock parts for their campers and companies like Canvas Replacements in Loyal, Wisconsin carry parts, repair kits and canvases for many of the modern campers as well as some that are basically extinct.

Search anywhere for used campers
Many newspapers usually include camper advertisements in with the boats, RVs and motorcycles. However, they may be found in the general classifieds or even automotive sections. There is always a list of used campers as well as the many online classified forums. You can directly call or visit RV dealers because they sometimes get used campers in trade when someone buys a new travel trailer or a motorhome. Also check to see if they have any left-over campers on their lot. Wherever you look it is necessary to be a smart shopper and know how to spot real value so you can get a good deal.

Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to pull the camper you want to buy. Most owner manuals will inspect the tow rating or you can find it online at You find the trailer’s weight on sticker that should be mounted on the off-door side towards the front of the camper.

Before you finally decide to name a price for those used campers, ask a lot of questions, kick the tires and hit the road to your site.

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