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Monday, October 06, 2008

World Class RV Manufacturers

Recreational vehicles give new meaning to having fun outdoors. With more and more people preferring to spend their weekends camping and fishing, RV owners are steadily increasing. That is why the RV manufacturing industry is growing to meet the demands.

Some of the most popular RV manufacturers today are the following:

1. Coachmen Industries.

Founded in 1964 in Indiana. They manufacture mini and class A motorhomes, travel trailers, two-story, spacious colonial models, etc., offering state of the art computer-designed exteriors and interiors. Creator of Epic 2006. Its ceiling height is 7'11" and uses gasoline for fuel. Great feature for buyers who would like to save on fuel consumption.

2. Airstream.

Started building quality "5-star accommodation" RVs and trailers designed for the whole family since 1931. They introduced Land Yacht 390 XL in the RV market that basically offers everything a buyer can ask for, durability, luxury, and excellent performance. Features include spacious home-styled bathrooms just beside the bedroom, tile flooring, etc.

3. Carriage RV.

Creators of Royals International, Carriage, Compass, Cameo LXI, and 5th wheel C-Force lines. Established in 1968 and keeping the tradition of offering campers durable, stylish, and affordable RVs.

4. Marathon Coaches.

Founded in 1983, the company is well known for converting commercial buses to luxury recreational vehicles. Today, Marathon offers luxury RV that sells for $1 - $2 million. They are the creator of the 2006 H3-45 luxury RV. Offering as much as twice the space of a regular trailer.

5. Dynamax Corporation.

Provides luxury RVs and motorhomes designed to fit every lifestyle and budget. Creator of Grand Sport M2 luxury car. Considered one of the most spacious and expensive recreational vehicles ever produced. They offer state of the art features including fascinating interior design and powerful diesel engines. Grand Sport M2 RV is not just another ordinary RV, it includes all the appliances needed to make every trip boredom-free, from 2 Flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, and most of all it's telephone and cable TV ready.

6. Holiday Rambler.

Manufactures world-class quality towables and motorhomes since 1953. The company is the pioneer in using seamless fiberglass for the RV exterior that make it more resistant to any type of weather. Creator of 2000 Neptune.

Having a lot of recreational vehicle manufacturers works for the buyer's advantage. That means more choices and cheapest rate brought about by healthy competition among manufacturers. Choosing the best now will solely depend on the buyer. Thorough review of each company ensures getting your money's worth.

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