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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Camping Must-Haves for a Safe, Worry-Free Trip

Planning to go on a camping trip? While there is so much to bring and so much to pack, make sure you don’t forget to take these five camping must-haves with you to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable trip:

A Compass

One of the worst and most dangerous things that could happen to you and your group on a camping trip is to find yourselves lost in the forest, unable to determine where to go and how to get there. To avoid such a troublesome situation, make sure that you have a compass at hand to help you find your way to your campsite.

It would be best if each of the members of your camping group has his compass. That way, in case one of you becomes separated from the group, he might be able to find his way back.

A Map

This camping must-have goes hand-in-hand with the compass. So that you don’t lose your way while hiking to or from your group’s campsite, make sure that you have a map of the camping area, along with your compass, to help you find your way. And before you start your camping trip, make sure to review your map, taking note of the trails your group must take in order to reach your campsite.

As a final reminder on maps, be sure to keep yours from getting wet or dirty – they get damaged easily, so cover them with plastic if possible, in order to protect them from the elements.

A First Aid Kit

Sometimes no matter how careful we are accidents are still bound to happen, especially when we’re camping in the great outdoors – which is why the first aid kit is a camping must-have. What exactly to store in your first aid kit is up to you, but some common first aid kit items include bandages, aspirin, and water purifying tablets.

Also, be sure to check the expiration dates on the medicine contained in your first aid kit.

A Fire Starter (Preferably a box of matches or a lighter)

It can get really cold in the outdoors, especially at the onset of dusk, when you will most likely need to start a fire. Matches or lighters are ideal campfire starters, so make sure to bring a couple of them with you when you go camping. Matches in particular should be protected from getting wet, so keep them in a water-proof bag or container. In case you’re camping with children, be sure to keep your fire starters away from their reach to avoid accidents.

Keep these must-haves handy when you go camping and you’re sure to have a worry-free trip.

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