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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Camping Parks Safety

Camping parks are managed places for secure camping purposes, but they can also be used by people with tents and trailers and therefore safety is the number one concern when spending the night in camping parks.

Safety Requirements

Due to high number of people frequenting these places the number and type of accidents are on the rise. Every one of us using camping parks and other camping spaces should abide by the rules and regulations of the park and use your common sense so that we and the ones after us can enjoy the facilities year after year.

When cooking on an open fire cooking stove in camping parks, make sure to follow proper procedures and fire safety as a small fire spark or a little negligence can produce a disaster. Supervise any open fire closely especially if you have kids running and playing around. Falling leaves or a dry wood stick can easily start a flame, so have fire extinguishers close by at all times when cooking.

There are specially marked places where you can barbeque on provided grills at stated times. It is wiser to use them as they may be safer then the ones you bought. Also some camping parks have very strict regulations with regard to cooking on an open fire in the woods, so to avoid any penalties be sure to check those rules before you set out for camping.

Loitering is another issue when people go camping. Many of us seem to forget our good manners at home especially when staying outdoors. Please remember that you will not like to camp in someone else’s mess so, do not leave behind anything that can contribute to damaging the environment.

We live in a very fragile environment which is faced with many dangers we created due to carelessness and ignorance. It is time for us to be strict with ourselves and preserve what we little we have left so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same activities.

Camping is a beautiful experience in any season at anytime because it brings you in contact with Mother Natures and its miracles. The beauty, smells and sounds of the wilderness is a unique experience which we should carve out time for in order to enjoy our vacation as much as possible. Preserving the beauty is part of our duty to us and our future generations.

Camping parks are usually secure, well managed places especially operating for campers to enjoy as often as they like. Enjoy yourselves while letting others do the same. After all what better way is there to beat the city routine but by unwinding at a quiet weekend in a one of America’s great camping parks.

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