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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Choosing the Right Camping Recipe

If you enjoy camping then you know that one of the best parts of this activity is the food. Cooking and eating outdoors can be a fantastic experience which can be made even better with the right camping recipe.

For Starters

A great dish to start with when camping is shrimp kebab, and this is one camping recipe that is so easy you just can’t go wrong. Get yourself a few metal kebob skewers or sticks and enough shrimp to fill each stick about halfway. Alternate between a shrimp and a piece of chopped onion or red pepper until the stick is full and then place the kebob on a grill over the fire. Let the kebab cook for about three minutes, pour a little chili sauce over the shrimp and voila- you have a camping recipe that is delicious and simple.

The Main Event

Well, no prizes for guessing which camping recipe we recommend here: good old beef burgers. Everyone has their own way of doing these but we think this camping recipe has an edge. Take one pound of ground beef; throw in a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of sugar and a dash of salt and pepper. Take a quarter cup of barbeque sauce and mix everything together.

Make burgers with the mixture and pat them until you have a nice, tight burger after which you can place them over a low burning fire for about ten minutes. The rest is easy – put it in a bun, maybe add a slice of cheese and whatever other toppings you enjoy and bingo – a traditional, mouth-watering burger.

Something Sweet

Now the final camping recipe that we have for you is sweet grilled banana with a chocolate filling! Take your banana and slit it open. Now push in a few pieces of dark cooking chocolate and wrap the banana in foil and place over the heat for about five minutes and you’re done – it’s a real treat especially if you have a sweet tooth.

We hope you enjoy these recipes but remember, for any camping recipe it is important that you thoroughly cook any meat or fish. When meat is cooked over a flame it may quickly look like it is ready but always check the inside is cooked thoroughly.

Otherwise the main thing with any camping recipe is to keep it simple and eat it with your fingers!

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