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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Few Guidelines for Recreational Vehicle Testing

The best deals for vehicles are found in the second hand, or used vehicles, market. If you know what you are looking for, you can get an excellent vehicle for a laughable amount. Unless you know quite a good deal about the vehicle you plan to buy, buying second hand is actually a risk, a gamble that sometimes pays off, but most often does not.

What is Involved in Routine Recreational Vehicle Testing?

Unless you know the vehicle well, in order to ensure that you do not get burned when you are buying a second hand RV, you will need to take it for a drive to try it out. If you are unfamiliar with the vehicle, you should take the help of a good RV mechanic who after taking a ride with you on your recreational vehicle testing will be able to check the main functions of the RV so a decision can be taken on whether to buy the RV or wait a little longer for a better opportunity.

Some things to look for are if there any leaks – like pain is to the body, so are leaks to a vehicle – a clear cut message that something is wrong. Be very careful about this aspect, especially if the RV is cheaper than you expected. Check the condition of the generator; when started the generator should purr to life and maintain a standard 120 volts average AC power. If it is not working properly, ask the owner/seller to replace it. If replacement is not possible, check out another RV vehicle.

Take the RV for a test drive; this is an important step in recreational vehicle testing. Remember to take the driver/ mechanic with you. Go for a moderately long drive of 5-7 miles so you can check the speed, the gear changes, the engine sounds, and so on. Be careful that you test drive the vehicle at very high speeds and also at very low speeds. If there are any problems, you will find them when the RV is driven at such speeds.

Another part of recreational vehicle testing is checking the water filter and the propane on the RV. Also, check the tires; if the tires are bald, you will need to ask the owner to replace them before you buy the RV, or re-negotiate the price. Check out the manufacturing date – though this is not important, you will need to know the manufacturing date of the vehicle. Sometimes, however, the older the RV is the better, because the older models were stronger and more resistant. Once you are satisfied with your recreational vehicle testing, you can negotiate and/or re-negotiate the price of the RV.

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