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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Can One Determine a Recreational Vehicle Value?

You decide that when you go for your next vacation, you will do so in your own RV. However, there is a little hitch. When you check out the price, it is almost double the sum you are prepared to pay for it. What can be done in such circumstances? Forget about the dream? Forget about the vacation? Carry on with a normal vacation, postponing the dream of owning an RV to the future?

Choose and Use the Second Hand Market as a Magical Wand

Whenever you want something that is too expensive to buy new, search for it in the second hand market. Chances are that you can get your item at almost half the price. The trick is to find out the right person to buy your item from. The ‘right person’ is usually a person who is in a hurry to sell off the item, for which he/she will be happy with the price you are offering, if it is reasonable enough.

Coming back to buying a second hand RV – you will find enough offers around you to enable you to make a good bargain. However, before agreeing on any price, the final recreational vehicle value should be determined with the help of a good mechanic and a routine test run.

Her are some things to be checked in order to determine the actual recreational vehicle value and commence negotiations. First, consider the mileage; the mileage of any vehicle is actually the foremost thing of interest for the mechanic. He will check it out and find out all the things are in order. In the case of the RV the lower the mileage the better will be the recreational vehicle value, it is said. While you are at it, you should also find time to check out if there is any type of funny noises are coming from the engine, or anywhere else in the body.

Another thing to check is the RV’s overall condition. The recreational vehicle value is directly proportional to the overall appearance of it. If the vehicle looks ramshackled, then the value will be rock bottom; however if the RV is well maintained, painted and all, its value will be quite high.

A third thing to check is the type of accessories that come with the RV. Since the vehicle has been used, it is expected that there should be the minimum accessories such as tape/cd player, rear view mirrors, seat covers, and so on. The recreational vehicle value would depend very much on whether the vehicle has the minimum required accessories or not.

Based upon the above observations, the advice of your mechanic, and your own experience and expertise, you will be able to come to a final conclusion regarding the right recreational vehicle value by comparing your findings to the total price quoted for the RV in the market.

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