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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Living in Recreational Vehicles; Leisure or Full Time!

Recreational vehicles, as we know, commonly refer to vehicles that people dually use as both transportation and their home. And a home is not just referring to a temporary vacation or travel home only, but a full time home as well. These recreational vehicles can be very useful both leisure and living purposes.

In fact many people in suburban and rural areas have these vehicles as their home. And around these homes, they have all their living means, such as toilet, farm, road and everything else necessary for living. And these vehicles come not just in one simple design or structure, but in so many varieties, each differing in their own functions and ways of use.

Different Classes

Basically there are several types of recreational vehicles, some of which are fifth wheel trailers, truck camping vehicles, foldable camping vehicles, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, park models, motor homes, toterhomes, toy haulers and many more. These are just a few popular ones that can be found online for purchases, but it is not limited to only these; there are many other types as well.

The most famous of the ones listed above are the truck camping vehicle, fifth wheel trailer, and the folding camping trailer. A truck camping vehicle is something that we commonly can see around the country, especially with those who love to move around very often and not stay at a place, or those who love to camp at different places but stay for a long time than average camping periods. These recreational vehicles combine pick up truck with the camping shell unit.

A fifth wheel trailer is very much like the camping trailer, except that the camping shell unit for this vehicle is designed to be towed by a pickup or medium duty truck instead of being naturally attached, like the former vehicle type. This vehicle is usually equipped with a special hitch in the truck bed, so that it can be parked and placed anywhere on a hard ground.

Another type of famous recreational vehicles is the folding camping trailer. This type of vehicle is very flexible and is favored by many people, for they are suitable for towing by many vehicles, and not just limited to pickup or medium duty trucks. This is indeed one of the lightest weight among the recreational vehicles, and for this it is known as the pop-up. It is very convenient to set up, with sides that collapse for towing and storage purposes.

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