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Monday, November 03, 2008

Pros and Cons of a Recreational Vehicle: In Balancing Fun and Expenses

For people who just love traveling to different places, using recreational vehicles can be the most innovative creation man has ever made. However, not all recreational vehicles are created equal. Besides, not everyone, who loves to travel a lot are gratified with the facilities of recreational vehicles.

It is important to analyze the vehicle’s worthiness before buying it by analyzing its pros and cons. This will enable you to balance the feature benefits and drawbacks of the vehicle and decide whether recreational vehicles can really work best for you.


1. A handy and highly accessible bathroom

With the recreational vehicles, you can always be sure that traveling is relatively an enjoyable activity without the difficulty of looking for easy access to some important facilities like the bathroom. You can be sure that you can always go to the bathroom even if you and your family are driving in the middle of a deserted area.

2. More savings

With recreational vehicles, you can save more money by choosing to stay inside than looking for somewhere else to stay for the night. This is because “campsite” costs are considered cheaper than what the hotels can give you.

3. No more hassles on clothes

The most common dilemma of travelers is the time when they have to pack and unpack their clothes. With recreational vehicles, you do not have to do that anymore. By the time you have all of your clothes packed inside the vehicle; you can always have them with you wherever you go.


1. Prone to vehicle-related problems

Since you will be traveling with your recreational vehicle, you cannot simply dismiss the fact that there is a possibility of a vehicle breakdown. Hence, there is a possibility that you and your family might be working more on getting those wires all working instead of enjoying a more relaxing time.

2. Less comfort

Even if it offers an alternative to hotels, hotel rooms are still more comfortable than those that can be found inside the recreational vehicle.

3. Gas expenditures

It is a fact that gasoline prices are relatively costlier than before. If you will be traveling with recreational vehicles, you can always expect more spending because of the gas that will be needed by the vehicle.

Indeed, recreational vehicles has their own drawbacks and at the same time benefits. In order to enjoy your recreational activity with your family and friends, you just have to learn to balance things.

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