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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Start Your Camping Trip Right: Make a Camping Reservation

You’ve been planning this camping trip for months. Everything’s set, you’re all packed and ready to camp, but when you reach the camp site, you realize that you weren’t able to make a reservation. Suddenly, all the planning and preparation seem to go down the drain, as your camping trip seems doomed.

Camping is supposed to be a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, and problems such as this shouldn’t get in the way of you camp experience. Here are some tips on camping reservation that you need to know before you set off for that much-awaited camping trip:

1. When booking a reservation, have a couple of dates in mind. The weekend in which you have planned your trip might be fully-booked, so it is best to have back-up dates just in case. That way, you also do not get discouraged upon discovering that your trip won’t be able to push through on your desired dates.

2. Make a reservation as soon as you can. Especially during peak camping seasons, camp sites will be packed and you will need to reserve early to ensure that you gain a slot. You can usually make a reservation as early as eleven months before your camping trip. If you are planning to move between spots in a camp site during your trip, each spot or location usually requires a reservation.

3. After you’ve made the reservation, make sure to contact your camp site again to confirm the reservation, especially if you made the reservation many months prior to the date of your camping trip. That way, you are sure that there hasn’t been any mix-up and you still have your reservation.

4. Many camp sites now offer reservations forms that you can get online, making it easier for you to get in touch with the camp site administration to make a reservation. Surf through the internet to find a downloadable form along with some specific useful information about your camp site of choice.

5. Didn’t make a reservation? In case you weren’t able to reserve a slot for your trip or the place where you plan to camp does not allow reservations, the best thing you can do is to arrive at the camp site early, as such places that do not allow reservations usually follow a first-come, first-serve rule.

People often see making reservations as the “necessary hassle” that must be done before going to on any trip. But with the advent of the internet, reserving a spot for your camping trip has been made much easier, so you need not worry.

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