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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you determine your Favorite Camping Site?

Last night some friends and I were discussing what makes for a good camping site and it’s amazing what different things people look for. Bill reckons that as long as the location is good and you are somewhere close to nature then really he doesn’t care what the facilities are like. For him a camping site is just a piece of land that can take a few tents – no need for anything else.

It’s all About the Facilities

Greg, on the other hand, is on the far end of the spectrum as according to him, the camping site needs everything. With four kids, a dog and all the equipment he likes to have around him, the camping site must have a toilet, a water outlet, a power outlet and somewhere he can eat without doing all the cooking.

His kids need somewhere they can play so a sports area helps and for him and his wife they like to have a social area where they can relax. After a few more questions on this ‘social area’ we eventually understood that Greg basically means he likes his camping site to have a bar.

Location, Location, Location

After a lengthy discussion of what we each looked for in a camping site we got in to the tricky subject of where to go. Brian was adamant that you had to be near the beach. For him a perfect camping site meant he could get up just as the sun was coming up and be able to walk along the beach.

For Bill, it was the mountains he loved – so somewhere high up in a mountain range where he could be amongst nature was vital when picking his camping site. Greg said that he really didn’t care where the camping site was, he just had to have all his facilities. We knew that he was really talking about having a bar again but decided not to push him on this point.


As the night drew to a close somebody highlighted that I had been very quiet throughout our discussion. They asked me what my ideal camping site was.

“Well,” I explained, “I think you are all right about what you need to have in a camping site.”

They hummed and hawed at this a little.

“As far as I am concerned, I can get everything you have mentioned at a very special camping site I know.”
This got their attention and they wanted to know where this great place was which boasted of so many different features?

“It’s right here”, I explained. “In my own back yard.”

They weren’t convinced.

“I mean it. Think about it- my yard has all the facilities that Greg mentioned, right next door in the house. I’m ten minutes from the beach but if I take the Jeep then I’m in the mountains in no time. If I want my camping site to be basic then I just take whatever I need out there and I’m all set, it really is perfect.”

Needless to say this started quite a debate as to how my own garden backyard could be a great camping site. The only conclusion we could draw at the end of our discussion was that there is no one ideal camping site for everyone and it would be a shame if there was.

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