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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some tips on Camping Reservation

Going on a camping trip can be a fun-filled experience, but in certain cases, due to mismanagement of time and improper planning, it could be a recipe for disaster. Even before you get to the camping spot itself, you could face various problems, simply because you failed to reserve a good spot in advance.

Camping reservations are something so essential that it should always be on top of the list when planning such a trip. This is because without a good camping spot, there would be no point of going at all. You might just stay home rather than trying to fit or squeeze into a camping zone that is already full where you were the last to arrive.

Essential steps

One basic step in making a camping reservation is contacting the authorities at least six months ahead of the trip itself. Such authorities would include campground offices, backwoods offices, natural resources departments and many more. These authorities would advise you about camping requirements and give you several campsite options.

You can choose a camping reservation system which allows you to reserve at least three months in advance of the trip or in many places even at the last minute, depending on availability. There are many campsites which also run on first-come first-served basis.

Reservation Systems and Payments

Camping reservation systems usually run 24 hours a day. You can reserve online or on the phone if you choose to pay by credit card. At some places, they allow cash payments at walk-in registration during your check-in date at the camping zone. If you opt to camp outside the protected camping zone, you might want to pay through your credit card to avoid wasting valuable camping time.

Usually, most camping zones have a single lump-sum charge in which there is only one fee to pay, regardless of how many nights you are going to stay. Some places charge a separate camping reservation fee, so check out the options available.

Guidance and Tutorials

Most of the camping authorities nowadays have websites where they offer an interactive map of the campgrounds that are available for reservation. This website would contain all the required information on the camping site, including the weather, the landscape, the scenery, the offered activities, the setting, the size and geographical statistics, as well as some pictures to help you make a more informed choice and be able to plan your trip accordingly.

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