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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Safety Tips for the Whole Camping Experience

Be it in a public or private campsite, the whole family should be prepared to make the camping experience both fun and safe.

Here are a number of safety tips for happy go campers:

* First aid kit first! Remember to be prepared for cuts, bee stings and allergic reactions. Bring antiseptic, bug sprays and insect repellents, pain relievers and if possible snake bite kit.

* Don't forget essential supplies like flashlight, knife, whistle, fire starter, clothing and food.

* Know the weather report before leaving. Make sure the weather is good for camping. If the weather is uncertain make sure you'll have shelter in case of heavy rain.

* Plan your trip before going to the actual campsite. Check on weather you are going to setup a tent or what activities you wish to do. This will prepare you with what the things you would need to bring and need to know.

* Check for all possible hazards in the campsite. Inspect the campsite. Check the terrain and look for beehives or possible poisonous plants.

* Be fire safe. Usually, campsites have fire rings where you can build your fire. Make sure that no other fuel-burning equipment near the fire. Do not use heating devices or candles inside the tent. Flashlights or battery-powered lights are preferred.

* Build your tent on a safe spot. Keep it at a safe distance from the campfire.

* Dispose of your garbage properly. Your trash could attract animals to your camp.

* Wear light-colored clothing and do not wear any cologne or perfume so as not to attract stinging insects. Be calm when insects approach, use a brushing motion to drive them away.

* Familiarize yourself with the plants surrounding the campsite. In case you come in contact with a poisonous plant, rinse the part with water immediately. Most of the times, calamine lotion is usually advised to be put on the affected areas.

* Remember good hygiene is essential. Wash you hands before and after toileting and food handling. Be aware that a lot of microorganisms are present in the area.

Camping is just one of the activities the whole family can do. It can also be a form of exercise at any age. Bonding with nature would seem to be a great idea.

However, one must be prepared for potential events that are unexpected to happen. Combat these events through thorough preparation. Plan ahead and know the ABC's of camping.

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